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Success Plan

© By: Ernesto Ortiz

Here is a recipe for the winter, one that not only will help you in the now but will help you in planning your tomorrow. I wish you much success in all that you do.

1. Honesty
Being honest is a vital key, the first step is to always be honest with yourself and from that point be honest with your family, spouse, the public or your clients, companies etc. Without honesty there is no integrity.

2. Have a good outlook and a good attitude
Much of our success is due to our outlook of life and our attitude. If we expect failure, that is what we get, if we doubt that we can accomplish, we don’t and if we treat life with fear that is what we also attract. Have a positive predominant mental attitude.
As Confucius one said: “Attitude not aptitude determines the altitude in your life.”

3. Love what you do!
Fall in love with what you do, see the value and the contribution that you make to others, to life and see how you can change your surroundings just by the love you have for what you do; This will be felt by your clients, patients and they will talk about it.

4. Be generous and Kind
It is not so much what you know or how much schooling you have but it is about how much you care, give always 100% of your self, and when no one is watching, when you don’t have to make an impression give to someone you don’t know, someone in need.

5. Do your best!
During this times in our lives everybody is trying to be better than someone else, always comparing themselves to others. No, you can not be anyone other that you, be real and always do your best no matter what. Remember you will not be able to please everybody but you can always do the best you can.

6. Create a plan to succeed
Create goals and follow them, every day do something even if that something is small to take you where you want to go. A plan should include: What do you want to do? And in what time frame you want to achieve it. A detailed budget plan, even if it is a few dollars on an envelope (seed money), what is the desire outcome of your plan? Where do you see yourself in one, two years from now.

7. Plan on continuing growing old graciously
No matter what you do, how many clients you have as we age people around us age as well so make the most of it. Treat your people like family know that they will be around to support you as you both go through the aging process.

8. Have FUN!!
Treat life and all that you do as if it was a wonderful adventure, take risks and make it fun and enjoyable. Pretend that you can regress to the child like attitude you had when you where 12 years old, be silly, laugh out loud and hard, find the fun and enjoyment that life has in store for you at all points and ages of your life.

9. Have a mission
Do you have a mission statement for your life? If not, create one, write it down make it big and visible, place it somewhere where you can read it every day and read it over and over until you have it memorized, until is part of you. Create a set of goals for your life, your business, if you don’t have one write one today.

10. Acknowledge life by the “law of cause and effect”. What you give is what will return back to you. What you plant is what you reap, how you love is how you get loved.

11. Be grateful!
For everything in your life!!

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