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BaliAkashic Records Intensive &
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September 15th ~ 30th, 2017

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Join author Ernesto Ortiz and group of consultants and teachers for a magical tour on the exquisite island of Bali. Together, we'll discover Bali’s ancient temples, and other beautiful sacred sites.

Personal and professional transformation begins during this Intensive with Journey to the Heart in one of the most exotic locations in the world, culminating in a lasting commitment to a better life and world.

Explore slope gardens tasting tropical fruits, swim in hot springs, bathe in sacred waters, walk to great waterfalls, get a papaya massage… And we promise you'll have lots of time to rest, play and explore on your own.

Of course, we have reserved for you some Balinese surprises to make your trip unforgettable!!

This life changing tour combines the Akashic Records Intensive facilitated by Ernesto Ortiz and other Certified Instructors for Journey to the Heart in a place that is not only dedicated to beauty but with a very unique spiritual essence.

Many people have called Bali “Paradise” or “the land where the gods placed their fingerprints” so we promise you this will be a very special trip where you will discover magical sites, and a culture that is one of the most beautiful in the world. This trip will be one that will impact you the rest of your life!!

Our Akashic Records training program is designed to engage the serious spiritual seeker, the one who knows he/she has a greater mission in life. The one who knows that by sharing this oral tradition they will live his/her life dedicated to making a difference.

This training is all about YOU, your growth, your process, your personal healing and inspiration. The end result a brighter and lighter you!!

Recommended reading before the Retreat: The Akashic Records ~ Sacred Exploration of Your Soul’s Journey Within the Wisdom of the Collective Consciousness By Ernesto Ortiz


About Don Ernesto

Ernesto Ortiz

Noted artist, author and healer, Ernesto Ortiz has devoted his life to exploring and communicating the language of the heart, primal movement and deep inner spaces. Over the past 25 years, Ernesto has taken thousands of people on a journey from physical and emotional inertia to the freedom of ecstasy, from the chaos of the chattering ego-mind to the blessed emptiness of stillness and inner silence.

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The breakdown of the Intensive is:


  Three days ~ Akashic Records Level 1 class
  Three days ~ Akashic Records Level 2 class
  Three days ~ Akashic Records Level 3 class
  One Day of complete Integration

If you have taken the Akashic Records with any qualified teacher, and you are ready to deepen your experience, you are welcome to attend. It will be a powerful opportunity to enter deeper levels of consciousness, let go of all fears and fly to inner spaces of your full potential. You don’t want to miss this one!!!!

At the conclusion of the Intensive the student will be awarded an Akashic Records certificate.

This retreat will not qualify you to teach the Akashic Records!

If the student feels like he/she would like to continue with the training and become an instructor of the Akashic Records, then a meeting will be set with Ernesto or another certified instructor to enter the Teacher Training Program, but only after the student becomes a “Certified Consultant”.

After becoming a Certified Consultant the student can then enter the TNT (teacher in training) program, once the criteria is meet, we will consult the Akashic Records, if the Consultant feels ready then He/She will receive the blessing to teach under the umbrella of Journey to the Heart.

Since there are four levels of teaching corresponding to the four levels of the Akashic Records classes, the TNT will be qualified to teach the Level 1 class. After that the Consultant must meet the requirements to teach subsequent levels.

Here is what you will learn in each of the three levels of the Akashic Records and the Consultant training:

  Bali Akashic Records Intensive

Level 1

This three-day intensive class is offered to enable YOU to experience the life transforming process of accessing your Akashic Records, thereby acquiring a tool that will forever be a source of profoundly illuminating growth, healing, and guidance.

The purpose of this class is to give participants an opportunity to learn a Sacred Prayer, opening their hearts to the Holy Spirit and receiving access to this magnificent realm.

In the Level 1 class, we focus on how to open and access the Records for ourselves. We start with an attunement that fine-tunes the information as it is being given to us by the Masters and Teachers of Akasha, and we start to learn how to translate that information.

We begin to understand how to formulate questions that will assist in the conversation as the information is given to us. We learn the Level 1 Grace Points (points of release or action that manifest in the hands) and how these Grace Points come to support our work and progress inside the Akashic Records.

We learn how the energy of the Akashic Records can create healing in our lives, how to identify patterns, behaviors, addictions, and co-dependencies, and how we can create choices to move more freely in life from a point of clarity and guidance.


Akashic Records Intensive BaliLevel 2

In the Level 2 class you learn to open the Akashic Records for others. As in Level 1, we will work with the art of translation of the information received from our Masters and Teachers, and we will become attuned to the essence of pure Love, Light, and the Holy Spirit.

This three-day class gives you the opportunity to deepen into your personal healing and add to the experience from Level 1 as you enter the sacred space of another seeker to access their Akashic Records. This experience in many cases is life transforming for the individuals receiving the information.

The Level 2 class offers you the opportunity to fine-tune your reception of information, as you not only receive information but also share it through the power of the spoken word. In working with others, you will be opening to receive the information in ways that you have not experienced before. You set yourself in the mode of pure and unconditional service to others and give the information as you receive it. This is the perfect time to open to sight, sound, taste, feelings, and emotions as you share what you get, and is often a time to invite loved ones to come in and communicate unfinished business, express love, or ask for forgiveness and resolution with the person you are reading for.

This is a powerful class that will help you to open the Akashic Records of Animals, sacred sites, nature, buildings and more.

You will learn the Level 2 Grace Points, how to deal with patterns of interference, how to formulate better questions, how to create Sacred space, and additional meditations to increase your own vibrational frequency.

During this class you will also be able to work with fellow consultants as you team up and practice opening the Akashic Records for each other. You will have the opportunity to have your Records read and in the process validate your own answers.


Level 3

The Akashic Records Level 3 class is an integration of the previous two classes. After you have taken Levels 1 and 2, you have then experienced the magic of information and the love that comes from the Masters and Teachers. You have had the privilege of consulting and opening the Akashic Records for other people.

In the Level 3 class, we deepen into the Akashic Records experience. This class is about YOU, and the deep personal healing that is possible once you get way below the surface and into the root system of the self. This system is what feeds you, what gives you nourishment and is active within the self - 24 hrs a day. It is part of the subconscious and the unconscious, and the subconscious programming and robotic responses that we carry within the self.

In the Level 3 class we will explore:

  • The art of questioning. How to formulate questions that can take you deeper.
  • Ancestral healing patterns.
  • Personal genealogy and how that is playing in your life
  • DNA and personal relationships.
  • Advanced Grace Points.
  • Imaginal Cells and how they play a major role in your life.
  • How to uncover and activate the Amos Code. This code is within the DNA as God's signature and contains the message of healing and peace.
  • Feeding Your Demons
  • How to use the physical body to anchor all information and energy received.

This is a Transformational journey based on the life cycle of the Dragonfly!!

The exploration of Self through the expanded awareness that you have had by being connected to the Akashic Records is giving you now the opportunity to truly spread your wings and fly. The time is now to completely let go of all limitations, and free yourself to express your beauty and magnificence!!!

Are you ready to fully change?

  • Ready to let completely go of all fears and limitations?
  • Have these fears and limitations interfere with your life’s purpose, with your hopes and dreams?
  • Are you ready to completely come out of the cocoon, spread your wings with joy and fly?
  • Are you ready to experience magic in all your relationships?
  • Are you ready to change your life and live the life of your dreams?
  • Have you created a deep and intimate relationship with Akasha?

The Akashic Records will assist you in going far deeper that you have ever gone before as you step into a new crystalline vibratory frequency through experiential exercises, meditations, mantras, art, music and movement. You will move through the transformation process of a butterfly and obtain tools to live free, to design the life of your dreams, to become fully empowered in your magnificence and share that beauty with the world.

Let’s together change the world into a world of beauty and love!!!

The Four Stages that we will explore:

  • The Egg ~ Where it all began, the womb, the feminine the waters of emotions, mothers, the programming, and birth of beliefs.
  • Caterpillar Stag ~ Your survival, the framework created around your belief system, fears, doubts, limitations.
  • Cocoon Stage ~ The story we have created and how that wraps around us and imprisons us, until a moment of opportunity and we begin to understand our real meaning. Transformation takes place in the cocoon, the story unfolds, and the old self disappears giving birth to a new you.
  • Dragonfly Stage ~ Now is time to fly, to open your wings, to look at your beautiful colors, to trust that you are worthy to fly. Your True mission manifests and you have all that it takes to give it action and reality.



General Program Information

This will be a rich and intense program, in three parts:

  1. 1. Ubud, the spiritual capital of the island, a couple of days for discovering the Balinese way of life, with lots of free time to get rid of jetlag, Balinese massage anyone??
  1. 2. In the town of Sundaji and OmunityBali we will be in a heavenly place dedicated to healing. Omunity was founded by my friend Zanzan and his vision seeks to bridge the gap between environmental concerns and human interests through practical education and sustainable community involvement. Sundaji is totally organic and support many environmental initiatives. Some of the participants will be integrated with some of the families giving you a special opportunity to see Balinese lifestyle from within.

    Room assignments will be given as registrations come in.

    Here we will spend thirteen days devoted to the four Levels of the Akashic Records, with a day rest in between Levels 1, 2, & 3 and specific activities that will help you integrate your experience.

  2. 3. Enriched by your enhanced spiritual opening we will explore the profound and exceptional beauty of the magical places in Bali. This will be an unfolding during the fifteen days of the tour.

What else can you expect?

  • Daily morning meditation and Satsang
  • Chanting, Sacred Mantras
  • Music, Dance, sacred internal movement, breathwork
  • Rituals, ceremonies, Agni Hotra, Pujas
  • Visits to sacred sites, temples, waterfalls, nature at its best
  • And a few suprises the Masters alawys have for us

  • All of these will help to support and keep our energy high and fined tunned. Rituals in all of the sacred places lead by Ernesto. Zanzan will be our tour guide during our adventures.




    September 15th – 30th, 2017


    Bali, Indonesia

    Investment for the training is:

    Double occupancy US $2544.00
    Single room US $3044.00
    Couples US $4544.00


    A minimum of $400.00 deposit is required to reserve a space.



    Main Tour Includes:

  • The cost of the Workshops and most of the Adventures
  • All transportation in Bali (excluding transfers from and to airport)
  • At Omunity all three meals
  • In Ubud all breakfasts
  • Lodging double occupancy, single occupancy is available
  • Sightseeing tours on days off


    Added Features:

  • Explore Bali’s sacred sites, monasteries, temples and more
  • Visit Bedugul temple, Tirta Empul sacred springs, Goa Gajah and more…
  • Lectures and Meditations at Power Spots
  • Journey with other metaphysically minded travelers
  • Make new friends and connect with some old ones
  • Morning moving meditations, mantras and much more…
  • Students must arrive in Bali before September 15th, 2017 and depart after the morning of September 30th. Additional nights are at your own cost.

    We have chosen Bali not only because of its beauty and magic, not only because it is full of sincere spirituality, not only because of its magnificent temples and the country full of flowers and ritual, but because this environment is perfect for the study of the Akashic Records. The Records provide a deep level of spirituality and beauty to our lives. Oh, yes - one more thing… because it is a place where we can have FUN and play at the same time, and because it will be an adventure that YOU will remember for the rest of your life!!


    Here is the Itinerary for you…

    Day 1,
    Friday, September 15th 2017

    Ubud, cultural capital of the Island. Mid day meeting with Ernesto Ortiz. Free time for shopping, traditional massages, flowers baths, art galleries. Group lunch.

    Day 2,
    Saturday, September 16th

    We will visit Goa Gajah temple; The Elephant Cave the countryside here is very beautiful and the cave itself is a very important, as it holds the remains of an ancient Buddhist monument. These remains are thought to be of the same era as the grand Borobudur temple in central Java. Also the site holds relics of the Lord Shiva.
    First group ceremony to begin the bonding process.
    Group welcome dinner


    Day 3,
    Sunday, September 17th

    After breakfast Transfer to Omunity. On the way, visiting Bedugul temple; the temple is in the Beratan Lake and it is one with the Beratan Mount as Deity and Goddess as fertility source, prosperity to keep the prosperity in life and society life. Continue with a breathtaking drive past traditional villages, lush mountain scenery dotted with rich plantations of coffee, cocoa, vanilla, cloves etc. Enjoy a spectacular view of the Twin Lakes. Lunch is on your personal account at a nice panoramic restaurant.
    Agni Hotra Ceremony, if you have never attended one, this one will blow your mind!!!

    Day 4,
    Monday, September 18th

    Breakfast followed by full day Workshop - AR Level 1 (Day 1)

    Day 5,
    Tuesday, September 19th

    Breakfast followed by full day Workshop - AR Level 1 (Day 2)


    Day 6,
    Wednesday, September 20th

    Breakfast followed by full day workshop – AR Level 1 (Day 3)

    Day 7,
    Thursday, September 21st

    Today we will go to the Sacred spring of Tirta Empul in Tampaksiring dates from legendary times. In popular folklore, it was made by lndra when he pierced the earth to create a spring of amerta, the elixir of immortality. Here people come and bathe, pray, meditate and give offerings to the gods. It is a day of ceremony and ritual you don’t want to miss!! There will be time for you to enjoy some of the markets and so a little shopping.


    Day 8,
    Friday, September 22nd

    Breakfast followed by full day workshop – AR Level 2 (Day 1)

    Day 9,
    Saturday, September 23rd

    Breakfast followed by full day workshop – AR Level 2 (Day 2)

    Day 10,
    Sunday, September 24th

    Breakfast followed by full day Workshop - AR Level 2 (Day 3)

    Day 11,
    Monday, September 25th

    Today will be a day of adventure, we will hike to the waterfalls near Omunity and enjoy the majesty and beauty of nature. We will have our lunch in the middle of the river, bathe, enjoy, have fun and deeply connect with nature.


    Day 12,
    Tuesday, September 26th

    Breakfast followed by full day Workshop - AR Level 3 (Day 1)

    Day 13,
    Wednesday, September 27th

    Breakfast followed by full day Workshop - AR Level 3 (Day 2)

    Day 14,
    Thursday, September 28th

    Breakfast followed by full day Workshop - AR Level 3 (Day 3)

    Day 15,
    Friday, September 29th

    Today we integrate, it’s a day of completion, satsang, dance, celebration, Agni Hotra to send us home Holy
    Farewell dinner

    Day 16,
    Saturday, September 30th

    End of Workshop after breakfast. If you are going to stay in Bali you can return to Ubud or any other destination you may choose or go to the airport to return home.

    During the whole time at Omunity you can enjoy the swimming pool, natural Jacuzzi and Wantilan (healing / meditation / workshop area) are always available to you… simply relax, unwind and enjoy yourself.



    Seminar venue

    Far removed from the busy Bali tourist centers, the unspoiled North West offers a view into the uniqueness of Bali. Still undeveloped, with nature and marine parks preserving the area, one finds a grand expanse of coconut groves and beautiful ancient temples dotting the landscape. The magnificent volcanoes of Java are a perfect backdrop for spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

    Omunity offers 65 beautiful community houses dotted throughout the village of Sudaji. Each house is unique with its own character. Many of the houses contain their own mini-kitchen / living room areas. The surrounding mountains enhance the beauty and tranquility of what we need for our workshop.

    Note: Some of the participants will be integrated with some of the families giving you a special opportunity to see Balinese lifestyle from within. Room assignments will be given as registrations come in.

    Please note that this is rural Bali and what you will have is a simple experience of lifestyle, so please expect roosters and dogs barking in the morning.

    Tour Includes:

    • 1 - Half board in high-class resort (4-star or local norms) with US/Balinese breakfast.

    • 2 - Full board during the retreat at Omunity

    • 3 - Domestic transport by high-class bus

    • 4 - Specific luggage handling for each client from hotel to hotel

    • 5 - English speaking guide during sight seeing

    • 6 - Workshop and entrance to temples monasteries and parks

    Tour does not include:

    • 1 - Air fare to Bali from the US or any other place in the world
    • 2 - Lunches and dinners in Ubud so you can try and experience variety on your own. Lunches and dinners between $4 and $15.00
    • 3 - Transportation from Denpasar Airport to Ubud (approx: $35) and return.
    • 4 - Drinks, tips, departure tax ($25)
    • 5 - Visa ($25)
    • 6 - Individual Insurance
    • 7 - Individual Emergency Assistance

    Testimonials about Ernesto’s work:

    Rebirth, regression, soul searching, spiritually awakening, these are just some of the phrases I have used to describe our mystical trip to Bali. Combined with the gift of the Akashic Records to help search within, I am filled with gratitude for this truly amazing experience.
    Thank you Ernesto, where do we go next???

    Dear Ernesto, This is the most wonderful trip I’ve never taken: the teachings about Akashic Records were a discovery, which changed my life completely. The energies of the group and the country, the energy from your heart always and in-always there; all this was made possible by you. Thanks to Ernesto whom I’ll never thank enough.
    Besides, doing this journey with my husband was very important for us, and as a result greater intimacy from doing it together: the discovery of each other, the trust, added another dimension to our love! So, I feel a big love and infinite gratitude for you in our lives.
    Claudie Gendre
    Figeac, Franc

    One becomes initiated through being invited! I have undergone a real initiation process both ancient and modern, through the power of the Akashic Records prayer and the Intensive in Egypt. Through the Chakra path I received a real initiation of magnificence and cosmic in scale. I have so enjoyed all the diverse qualities in the group, nationalities and colorful characters. It was a privilege and a blessing that you Ernesto brought it all together and gave the group strength and room for transcendence.
    So from my heart Ernesto, thank you for the teachings, learning’s and workshop.
    June M. Lazar

    About Ernesto:

    Noted artist, author and healer, Ernesto Ortiz has devoted his life to exploring and communicating the language of the heart, primal movement and deep inner spaces. Over the past 25 years, Ernesto has taken thousands of people on a journey from physical and emotional inertia to the freedom of ecstasy, from the chaos of the chattering ego-mind to the blessed emptiness of stillness and inner silence.

    His Workshops and Retreats have an electric intensity that unifies the spiritual with the mundane, from the poetic discovery of the soul to the modern approach of ancient shamanic practices.

    Ernesto is recognized in the holistic, health and metaphysical field as an inspiring facilitator, teacher and therapist. His training began at an early age in Mexico with Curanderos and Shamans and has continued for many years with world-renowned teachers in Transpersonal Psychology, Shamanism, Music Therapy, Bodywork and more.

    In his private practice Ernesto utilizes numerous healing techniques such as Bodywork, CranioSacral Therapy, Karmapa Reiki, Integrative/Shamanic Techniques, Breathwork, the Akashic Records, SERT Therapy (Somato Emotional Repatterning Therapy), Music Therapy, Trance Dance and more.

    In 1994 Ernesto created Journey to the Heart, a company dedicated to the upliftment of consciousness and the well being of people by using practical tools to help integrate the physical with the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Providing tools for growth, the company offers a variety of classes and workshops: Hot Stone Massage, Karmapa Reiki, Akashic Records classes, Pendulum Dowsing Techniques. Psychospiritual Integration Workshops are also offered: Integrative Breathwork, Transpersonal Breathwork, Shamanic Workshops, Trance Dance, Soul Retrieval, Tantra and Relationship Workshops. Ernesto is a ceremonial pipe carrier; he received his pipe in 1996 from his spiritual grandmother Barret Eagle Bear (Lakota).

    Ernesto is internationally certified and teaches the Akashic Records also provides teacher training and certification programs. Ernesto has facilitated Workshops in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Bali, Egypt and the Caribbean.



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    Much love and beauty to your lives.

    Om Shanti,

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