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Ernesto's workshops are loved and revered around the world as life altering and intense as well as fun and joyous. For the serious student these powerful workshops are designed to uplift, expand and nuture your journey to the heart where transformation is made possible. If you don't see the workshop or course you are looking for here please contact us at

January 2016


Trance Dance
January 24th

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Akashic Records Level 1
January 25th – 27th

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Akashic Records Level 2
January 28th & 29th

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February 2018


Private Meditation Retreat

December 5th to December 26th
Rishikesh, India

Limited to 15 participants
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March 2017


Akashic Records Retreat
Lake Atitlan - Guatemala
March 19th - 31st

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April 2017




The Akashic Records
Level 1 ~ Initiation
April 14 ~ 17


Level 3 ~ Integration
April 20 ~ 23


Level 2 ~ Practitioner
April 26 ~ 30







May 2017



Level 1 ~ Initiation
May 1 ~ 4








June 2017



July 2017


WINTER SOLSTICE IN PERU: Shamanic Psychospiritual Integration Journey
Sacred Rituals in the Andes 2017
July 3rd to July 16th
Combining Mexican Shamanism and Peruvian Mysticism
With Ernesto Ortiz - Ernesto @

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August 2017



The Akashic Records Initiation
July 29th – August 1st

Contact: Thuy Nhi @


The Akashic Records Integration
August 4th – 7th

Contact: Thuy Nhi @


Summer Shamanic Retreat
August 10th – 14th
Lieu de ressourcement Massabielle (Isère)

Contact: Thuy Nhi @


The Red Sea - Swim with Wild Dolphins
August 20th – 27th

Contact: patricia @






September 2017



Akashic Records Annual Retreat
September 15th-30th

Contact: Ernesto @


October 2017



November 2017












December 2017











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